The rise of the Green Bin Fee

There has been a great controversy over the recent rise in the fee for emptying the green bins.

So I was asked to raise these concerns.

My initial concern was that the charge was introduced at a time when HDC said there was not going to be a rise in Council Tax – so they introduce a Green Bin charge. Which many saw as a stealth tax.

Moving on. The charge has been going up – randomly. As I have reliably informed – this is the first rise in a number of years and makes up for the years they didn’t raise the fee.

It is still unfortunate that they have given this large increase at a time when many of us have had hardships over the past 12 months.

The HDC’s answers are; 1 the is no obligation to offer this service, 2 it has to be self funding, 3 it is unfair for those who do not have gardens (such as those in flats) should subsidise those who do.

I was also told, that this was a similar argument as to the rise in Car park charges. – that’s a whole different ball game!

My retort to HDC  would be, if that’s the case: 1 why not charge for the green bins from the get-go – that may have saved the council tax payers a fair sum in not supplying bins to those that didn’t want/need then.  2 What about all the other services that a council offers that doesn’t apply to everyone, for example those that get Council Tax relief? Isn’t our government departments based on the fact that those that can pay – pay and those that can’t don’t. A simple example would be the NHS. I remember a friend of mine saying, he’d never had a day off sick in his working life. Alas many of us have and some of us have had surgeries etc. But we have all paid our due contribution of National Insurance Contribution.

IF those who do not use a service shouldn’t have to pay for it – why are we paying for the board and lodging of convicts? (Rhetorical question).

Going back to the Green Bin Fee hike. It appears as if they unsolicited take up of the enhanced 2021 fee has exceeded the previous year! In 2020 there were 3,336 subscribers, So far in 2021 there have been 5,300, 75% of whom paid up on-line.