Use Airbnb to find accomodation for post-operative patients ?

Mrs Guppy’s letter to The Times


Dear Sir
Further to Pauline Frank’s letter in Saturday’s Times I would like to reply.
For the last 10 months I, together with many others have been running a Campaign to keep the Feilding Palmer Hospital in Lutterworth.
This is a place where patients are looked after with tender loving care after operations.
We have made our feelings known at Westminster, have appeared in the local media as well as on local radio and TV.
However no one seems to be listening!!!   It is not rocket science to see that the Airbub suggestion is a completely hair-brained scheme and will be open to abuse.
What we do need is for the small local hospitals to be used for recuperative purposes. Relatives can visit without making long journeys. We also need buildings that have already been closed to be opened again and used on a convalescent basis.
Why oh why won’t anyone listen!!!
Yours faithfully
Mary E Guppy (Mrs)