What a shame the local MPs do not even answer emails ?


26 October 2017 at 12:26:41

The proposed closure of Lutterworth Cottage Hospital and the Airbub proposal for convalescing patients.

Dear Mr O’Brien
You may or may not know that for the last year I have been part of a campaign group to save Lutterworth Cottage hospital.
I have been up to Westminster discussing this and appeared on East Midlands News and also have spoken on Radio Leicester. I am only a small cog in a wheel as there are many of us involved in this Campaign who feel extremely strongly about this matter.
This latest hair brain scheme to send convalescing patients to Airbubs is quite ridiculous and will be open to abuse.
Who on earth dreams up these schemes??? The sensible thing to do would be to keep the small hospitals for recuperation and those that have already been closed should be reopened for this cause.
My husband was a GP at the Feilding Palmer Cottage Hospital for many years so we know what a valuable asset this is to the Community..
As our local MP I am asking you to get behind us and help in every possible.
Yours sincerely
Mary Guppy