What HDC did for Us !

H D C (Harborough District Council) suffers from a lot of complaint on this side of the M1, and whilst it would be naive to think it didn’t deserve some, there are positives that we should also try to remember  ‘What HDC did for us’!

These are just the headlines and I’m sure your local District Councillor would like to fill in more details if you wanted them.

  • HDC subsidise the Lutterworth Sports centre to about £135,000 per year.
  • HDC recently promoted last weekend’s Picnic in the Park, Happiness Run etc
  • Their Suffragettes spent time in Lutterworth meeting local people.
  • They have helped install new LED lights in the memorial garden
  • HDC have helped finance the Dunton and Broughton FC’s new car park and facilitates.
  • HDC have also hosted some really successful digital workshops and business networking events in Lutterworth.
  • HDC are soon to be opening some affordable housing in Gilmorton Road.


  • And by no means least – they are funding a memorial statue in respect to the WW1.

So, whilst we may not always see eye to eye with HDC – they do still have us in view.